Monday, February 27, 2017

Got My Feet Wet!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bird is the Word


So besides the usual trying to talk to people in Spanish jazz, something very exciting "came to pass" this past tuesday, i'm sure you've all already heard about all of it but tha'ts alright cause I'm gonna talk about it anyways. The church has released a change to the schedules and reporting of all missionaries worldwide. now we have fewer numbers that we need to report which will streamline things a lot, also our agendas are changing which means i have yet another thing to get used to. and finally the schedule is completely revamped. we still have to do all the same things, but now we decide when to do them! the church explained that by letting us exercise agency we will be more efficient, and we will adjust to life back home faster when we return. then again this is dangerous for all the "chambone" missionaries who will probably abuse this (chambone means rulebreaker). But I'm super stoked! we will have to wait til this Saturday to know how this will apply top our mission but still we have less numbers to report now :) anyways i was thinking recently and i realized i haven't really shared experiences (or really anything interesting)... so I'm going to talk a little bit about Peru... here in pucallpa there are 2 major occupations, Motokar driver or farmer. out here in the jungle there are massive amounts of foliage and just life in general. people will claim a peice of land, and basically harvest all the stuff that happens to be there. kinda interesting, especially the stuff these pèople bring home (like the monkey from last week) and the stories they share are crazy too. there are tigers, giant boas, pirhannas, and of course the craziest spiders you can think of. so far ive only come across the spiders... hoping for more soon :) anyways for a spiritual message i think ill just talk a bit about agency. never in my life have i realized the significance of agency more than now. Our agency is really the only thing that god will not control. he can control the entire universe, and yet he leaves us to make the stupidest mistakes imaginable. all of that is just a part of his loves for us, because we learn so much from what we do, and to make it all better, we can completely clean up the mistakes we make through the atonement. (john 3:16-17) it really is a glorious plan... and now all i have to do is put that in Spanish and go tell that to someone within the next hour :) anyways i hope you all have a great week and i hope you will apply the atonement in your lives and make it even better! love ya, Elder Grover

p.s. not many interesting things to take pics of this week, so here'
s a weird bird we found:

"Nothing to take pictures of"... hmmmm



Well this week has been interesting to say the least. Firstly, no transfers so im still in good ol dusty pucallpa haha (was kinda hoping for one but thats alright). This week I learned alot about the missionary purpose and about myself, especially things for me to work on. So far this whole experience has made me completely change my view of myself and i cant wait to start building more christlike characteristics. As far as good news goes, we have a baptism date! The 25th of this month we should have a baptism so my fingers are crossed! And There is only one peice of bad news, no pictures again :( sorry i havent been bringing my camera around and frankly theres not much to take pictures of anyways. 

The lessons that we have usually go well, the people are almost always religious and they will usually be open to talking so having people to talk to isnt a problem, the problems come when we start teaching, because as soon as we introduce somethjng that isnt what their pastor has said in the past year they freak out haha. the other hard part is getting them to read. first off theres alot of people here who simnply cant... as sad as that is and the other half frankly dont care. super frustrating when people dont understand that doing something so simple could completely change their lives. 

As far as my own teaching goes, sometimes i have the hardest time speaking and i sound like a blabbering idiot but for the most part im able to formulate gramaticaly correct sentences. My favorite part of the lessons is the testifying. Oh i just love opening the taps and leting the spirit hit em hard. by far my favorite parts of the mission so far have been when i can really testify of our Savior. Its in those moments i know im completeing the missionary purpose, all i have to do now is have more of those moments haha.

I hope my letters dont bore you all to death, i try to make them at least alittle bit interesting but i understand if youve all fallen asleep by now. If you havent congrats, and i hope you all have a great week. For scriptures, go read 2 Nephi 4, and remember, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak! Its up to you which wins! love you all, until next monday; Elder Grover