Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Right Place at the Right Time

5/29 Well its been a long week but oh has it been worth it, for starters last monday we climbed the morro calzada, which is a big hill that is just outside of moyo and it was awesome... kinda sucked because it was raining during the climb so we got soaked but it was super amazing to see what there was to see (not much with rain but in the end it cleared up). So pday was awesome, and during the week we were able to find some new people who look like they'll be awesome, but they need to change... alot. haha so they'll be projects but in all honesty those people are the most satisfying to teach...

SO the big news, THE FAMILY WE'VE BEEN WORKING WITH FINALLY GOT IN THE WATER. Oh my gosh its been a long hard interesting journey with them but they're finally officially members of the church. Their names are Richard, Noemi and Alexander (dad, mom, kid) and they are seriously the best. After over a year of being investigators they're finally married, and living the way they should!!! super excited and happy for them, and sincerely grateful for the opportunity that I've had to get to know them. They'll be super powerful members in the future. 

So yeah, other than that there's not much else going on, always busy and always working... but that's what its all about right? I'm just grateful that i haven't had any health issues #blessed. For scriptures this week id definitely give D&C 4 a read, i always knew that it was awesome missionary scripture but this week I've really been trying to apply it! Even though you're not in the field you can still apply it too! LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK -Elder Grover

6/5/17 What a week, ill make this short because i don't have much time. In general this week felt normal, but really we've been seeing miracles all week long, big and small. Having baptized the Caballero family last week, it kinda felt like we were starting off on square one, but that same weekend we found another family of 7 people who ALL have interest in the church. None of them are married so that is kind of a stumbling block, but i know that they will all progress and enter the waters of baptism. what a blessing. Other than that we've been focusing on finding complete families in order to have investigators who progress TOGETHER. And we have been super blessed in that aspect. There are families that pop up out of nowhere and it seems like were just in the right place at the right time... (we really are haha). Man I'm telling ya the lord will work through you if you have faith. Be obedient and have an attitude of gratitude and prayer. LOVE YOU ALL, Have a great week -Elder Grover

6/12/17 Another week gone and transfers are here! we will know by tonight if we get transferred so were kinda anxious but still working hard! Seriously transfers make everything crazy and it makes me anxious, however my feelings are pretty much neutral in regards to the transfers, and if i go i go, but if i stay está bien too. My only hope is that this transfer we will see more success in the area where i will be working. We are finding people here and that's awesome but they're all projects, every one of them has crazy problems and little desire or motivation to change, and really its just a result of iniquity. I never really realized how many problems are caused from disobedience to basic commandments, and now i am watching it happen and trying to help people find the outstretched hand of Christ. One of my favorite things to say nowadays is "pueblo iniquo" or in other words, people of iniquity, mainly because the reason for which people don't want to follow Christ is their own sins. Some will say they already know Christ but really its just an excuse to not change. Really my heart has been aching for the people here because i know that they can find indescribable joy in the gospel, but simply don't want to repent. A scripture that i found describes my feelings pretty accurately, Alma 13:27-20. I Invite you all to read it and meditate on the words Alma speaks. And if anyone reading this has something to repent of, do not "procrastinate the day of your repentance", i Testify that repentance is the key to joy and salvation, and only through the blood of Christ can we be saved. Have a great week. -Elder Grover

6/19/17 So no I'm not in Iquitos, I'm not in Pucallpa, nor in another part of the mission, I'm still in nice and breezy Moyobamba! But honestly I'm perfectly fine with that and I'm actually excited to keep working here, sometimes the people are hard but really this area is the best haha. A lot of the people really do need our help, and i know that i can help them (if they let me...). So yeah there's not any changes respecting the are in which i work, but there is a change in the leadership of the zone... our district leader was transferred out of the zone to Iquitos, and so someone had to replace him... and i don't know whose bright idea it was to make a tall awkward gringo district leader but hey if they say it was revelation its fine by me. So yeah I'm the new district leader here in Moyobamba! kinda exciting huh, i was pretty shocked. So other than the normal responsibilities i have as a missionary i now have to take care of my fellow Elderes that are working here, kinda fun and definitely a cool change. 

The area is progressing and for that i am really happy haha. we are seeing more families pop up and i cant wait ot see their progression. I can only hope and pray that they will progress and have the strength necessary to change (commandments man, COMMANDMENTS). but i have faith that they will be able to pull through and follow Christ. other than that its just the usual, not much crazy happens over here other than the harvest of souls.

This week i studied Enos 1, and boy is there a lot to learn there. before reading i didn't know what Fervent prayer really meant. But after trying to apply the scripture there was a huge difference. If we pray fervently and sincerely, He will always respond... ALWAYS. I definitely recommend that scripture for a bit of study. LOVE YOU ALL and have a fantastic week. -Elder Grover (Below is Jordan's sketch showing the "armor of God")