Wednesday, December 27, 2017

"Peace, be still. Peace, be still."

Another week down, even closer to Christmas and I AM SO STOKED. Im pretty dure Christmas eve will be one of the most interesting days of the mission, because here, Christmas eve is when the real party goes down, there's tons of fireworks and parties and food (and most of the time lots and lots of beer) so yeah, dont know how it will be to proselyte in that mess, but I'm sure that it is going to be the best day ever! (every day is the best day ever). So yeah, lots of fun, im already out of candy so thats sad and not really a big surprise but ill last. All I know is that I am happy, even though things arent working out all the time and theres always problems and people dont make very good choices, but really all I can do is my best, and I know thats why Jesus came down to this earth to die for us, because without him even my best wouldn't be enough, and there really wouldn't be any hope for us. It would be all or nothing, and its because that the Father loves us that he sent his son to save us in the fallen state that we are in and to make it so that perfection isnt what is required of us. The spirit of Christmas really changes to something more significant when you really discover for yourself why we celebrate it, and to make things even better, I have the best "job" in the world where I get to help people understand that for themselves. My only wish this Christmas is for everyone to truly understand why Christ came, and that we all share this with others. Merry Christmas to all, and i hope that you have a wonderful Christmas day. 

-Elder Grover

enjoy pics from the Christmas conferences!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

12/17/17 Never, ever, EVER have i EEEVER gone pretty much 2 weeks in the mission and achieved pretty much NOTHING in my own area. But i will have to admit, its been a super fun week. Traveling really is a blast, and if it wasnt for my own area it would have been a successful week. So yeah, heres the quick rundown of what happened.

After finishing up in Tarapoto, we pretty much had to immediately start getting ready to leave for Pucallpa, and that really isnt al that tough, but there were some minor complications that kinda messed everything up. So we spent last weekend fixing everything and getting the programs ready for the Christmas conference. We left on Monday and flew to Pucallpa, and it had not changed one bit! Pucallpa was the first city that i was in, i started my mission there, and its a hot and muddy mess, so going back was a very cool experience, not only for the memories but also for the conference. There were many missionaries that i did not know, so getting to know some of them was great, and we had alot of trainings given that were very edifying, we were able to share some words (i had a good time remembering my time with dengue) and overall it was great. 

Upon returning to Iquitos on Thursday, we jumped right back into action and helped president with transfers (always a good time) and we went to the small city of Nauta again. There have been missionaries with some seriously problems were there and theyre making it really hard for the work to get going... the trip was fun and edifying.

This Christmas season has really made everything change around here, theres a huge amount of beer consumption, families get together, and us as missionaries love teaching at this time of year because its so much easier to teach about the Savior! Almost anything will take a sec to listen to us give a quick message about what the savior did for us, and i am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be here at this time. There really is nothing else like being on the Lords errand, and i wouldn't rather be in any other place. I hope you all have a great week, especially with Christmas quickly approaching. Love you all! -Elder Grover

p.s. PICTURES: map of the mission (blue dots are where we do the conferences) ,giant santa in pucallpa, the Elders of pucallpa (most of them), Elders from my group with President Li, and finally the ties ive gotten in my packages!
  • -Quick shout out to My uncles Ryan, Kenton, and Josh, Grandma and grandpa Grover, Brother Oreilly and Brother Lay. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

12/10/17 All in all, its been a crazy week, and I've loved every minute! The mission is the best, changes lives, and even saves lives (like mine). I love the work, and I hope that we can all share the Christmas spirit and help others feel the light of Christ. Have a great week!

Finally we had the Christmas Conference, and that was a blast to listen to hymns, carols and watch the missionaries act out scripture stories (I got to take part in one!). We ate good food, cake hot chocolate and watched a slideshow of pics from the entire mission! The Christmas spirit was strong!

We also had the opportunity to travel to another part of Perú where the church hasn't gotten to yet, its called Juanjui, and there are already some members that live there, and it was one of the most incredible experiences ever. The people who live in that area have a very basic knowledge of the gospel, mostly based on catholic principles, and it was amazing to teach some families who were so interested in our message of the restoration. An area that is so untouched is honestly a gold mine, and whoever opens that area is going to be BLESSED. No idea when we are going to do it, but i hope soon! There were some other experiences that were also really special, visiting a less active who broke down because she was so grateful for our visit, Other investigators who were begging for return visits, and another member who had about 5 friends who wanted to listen. It was a very edifying visit.

I have got to say that this week has been one of the most special of my mission, what an opportunity it was to travel to Tarapoto and have the conference there with the missionaries form Tarapoto, Yurimaguas, and Moyobamba. It was also one of the most busy times of my mission haha, traveling and doing stuff with president is seriously a blast. It also really made me appreciate how much work goes into all the little things, like how all the conferences and stuff are organized (we do it all!) and it has really made me think how do big conferences work, there's so much background work that goes on and it has boggled my mind! Sop yeah, really what we do is small scale stuff but its still been pretty dang busy! 
fotos- 3 form juanjui (river and ice-cream shop) and the last from the conference.

Wow! Has this week been busy! safe to say one of the craziest of my mission, and I am so tired haha. Definitely been a fun time but at the same time its been really tiring... maybe a taste of the real world? probably haha. So everyone's probably wondering, what happened? Well now, where do I begin...

This week there were transfers, so the assistants have a huge part in doing all of that and we have to send people home and pick up the new guys (one of the attached pics) and that's always a blast, kinda interesting to see the difference in potential and interest that they all have, most of them are pretty good, but there's always a few that are kinda disinterested, we gotta help them out a bit... We always get to eat lunch with them and then we give trainings and the missionary "starter pack" (a folder full of information). 

On top of transfers, there was the Leadership council here in Iquitos, where all of the zone leaders and some sister leaders come here to give a report and to work out the problems that were having (biggest ones being laziness and discouragement) which is really dumb because those are problems that they themselves cause when they don't do what they're supposed to do. It was crazy, and there was also a problem with missionaries who don't trust President Li. We had a lot of straitening out to do, especially when you have to direct everything... Its a mess. Brings me back to conference and what elder Eyring spoke about, sustaining and respecting your leaders. The root of the problem really is just pride and the missionaries being immature and not being able to lose themselves in the work... Man we got a lot to do. 

Anyways, to top it all off, our mission trip is around the corner, and next week, we will be going to Tarapoto to visit the missionaries there... a lot to do! I'm going to be spending my P-Day getting ready for that and working! Hope you all have a great week! Chao

-Elder Grover

Mosiah 18:19-20 (my calling)

pics: new guys, leadership council, thanksgiving day (we ate turkey!!!), and what all Peruvians think about white people

11/25/17 So this week has been frantic haha, all the missionaries of Iquitos has had interviews with the President and we had to be there to help with his schedule and revising the area books of the companionship! ON top of that, my now companion got here!!! His name is Elder Jacobs, from Idaho and he's TALL, not taller than me but my first tall companion! I'm super excited to start working with him to help make the mission better, but its also sad to see Elder Culquicondor leave, he's finishing up his mission on Monday haha, so its been kinda weird seeing that happen (the whole ending process) and i am very grateful to have been able to learn a ton from him. He's been a huge help for me and in helping me develop my own abilities as a leader and as a problem solver. Its been a blast and I'm really grateful for the time that we've been able to spend together.

President Li recently traveled to Colombia for a Conference and he came back with some interesting news! The mission offices is going to be changing a lot, there will be 2 secretaries less, so my comp and I will have to learn more responsibilities to keep the mission running smoothly. But that's not all, apparently there's a lot of changes that are happening with the way we work, with technology and other means, so we should be seeing improvements in those regards... Ultimately there's a lot more that were going to do, and I cant wait to be a part of it!

All in all, the mission just keeps on getting crazier! To be a part of it is a privilege and a blessing. I know that I cant waste this time, and I need to use every minute to do something more! I Hope you all Have a great week, Scripture of the week is Mosiah 16:9-10. Christ is the light and life of the world, and only through him is our redemption possible. Love you all!

-Elder Grover

pics: Zone conference of Iquitos, The 3 Assistants, and the Offices with President Li!


11/18/17 Well this week has been very productive in regards to working in our area. I'm really learning a lot in the area of Castañas, and I am always grateful for the opportunities that I have to help and serve others. We did a lot of exchanges this week and so I wasn't with my companion very much but i was able to work with a lot of other elders in the mission and see how they were, how they were working and how they can improve. More than anything I always love learning from the others, its very interesting looking at the diversity there is in all of Gods children, how every one has their own strengths and weaknesses. I know that I am no different in that aspect, and I need the help of my Savior just like everyone else... Just like how Moroni explains it in Ether 12:27.

My companion and I have really been pondering what we can do in order to help the mission in a productive way that still allows for the missionaries to use their agency. from what I've heard, the mission Peru Iquitos is a very strict mission, and there's a ton of rules that people get worked up over. Even though we have these rules to protect us from the harm of sin, sometimes it makes me wonder if it really helps in the conversion of the missionaries. I like to relate it to the law of mises, where the people were really stubborn and wicked, so they had a list of strict rules set to help them remember the Lord their God always, and even then the people fell in transgression and sin. when Christ came, he taught the higher law, the Gospel, based on repentance, made possible by the Atonement. And with the higher law set in place, it made room for the miracle of repentance, mercy and forgiveness. Makes me wonder which way works, because both were a part of Gods plan, and both have their purposes...Well, I only know that we live on this world thanks to Christ and what he did for us, And that we have a debt that we cannot and will not be able to pay. I love you all, and I hope you have a great week.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's not what we do, it's what we become!

10/22/17 So this week has been unbelievably busy... luckily it was not overwhelming and we were able to complete all the tasks necessary to keep the mission running smoothly. I had the opportunity to welcome the new group of missionaries that arrived this transfer, travel to a small town called Nauta to help some Elders who were having difficulties with their house, and travel with the Mission President to meet with the Branch President of Nauta for a lunch-meeting. Its been pretty nuts, so that's why I'm writing today instead of Saturday like I said I would be... we were traveling yesterday and ultimately we lost P-Day haha. But its alright, there's always the next week!

I have been learning a lot about leadership and having more responsibility, and I think one of the most interesting thing that I've experienced is what its like to be your own boss. Up til now there's always been someone that is "in charge" so this is the first time that I don't have another missionary who´s in charge. Its just the President! how crazy is that! Its a huge responsibility to have and it requires a lot of self control and discipline. It keeps on humbling me to know that the Lord trusts me to be a leader here, and I know that he doesn't make mistakes in his choices, but it was still quite a surprise. 

to sum everything up, its been crazy haha, and never have I ever been more humbled for the responsibilities that the Lord has given me. I know it will not be easy, but oh will it be worth it! Quick scripture, Deuteronomy 4:31. Lovin it! -Elder Grover

AAAAND here we are again, trying to remember what actually happened this past week, which is actually really hard to do when it all fly's by in a blur. Well this week, my assignment and duties took the majority of my time, so I was not able to proselyte as much as I would have liked to... which in other words means: we got nothing done in the area. BUT THATS OK, cause were gonna hit it super hard this next week! 

My favorite part of this week has by far been the time we have spent with other missionaries, giving training and council. Sometimes it gets really frustrating when they simply don't do what they're supposed too, even when they know what it is and why. But the greatest help that I've received is living with charity, and a love for all of Gods children. It helps us view people differently, not who they are but rather what they can become. The greatest part about developing this attribute is that it doesn't only help with missionaries but with investigators too, especially when they have trouble progressing. It makes the difference for us and for them. The scriptures are always a great help in this aspect too, the basics being Moroni 7 and Corinthians 13 (with a hint in 2 Nephi 26) and wrapping it up with DC 121 36-44. Out of all the attributes of Christ, this is by far one of the most important to develop. Even President Monson gave a talk about it! We should all make a greater effort to love one another, as Jesus has loved us. (John 15:12)

I know this is the work of the Lord, and that my calling is divine. Christ died for us that we may have joy, and if we trust him we will find the joy we seek. I pray that we may always seek his guidance in our lives, and that we may find it according to our faith. Have a great week! -Elder Grover

FOTOS: lunch with the PRESIDENT LI HIMSELF, (it was reeeaaally good!)
homemade fajitas! and Me, my companion and the former Assistant to the President.

As you have read, this week has been ridiculously fast (the fastest of my mission), and I have no idea how I ended up back here writing... So yeah, things are kinda a blur but its alright, cause I think that just means that I'm working haha. However, there is one thing that never changes. Every week I learn something new... and the cycle continues every day. Its a good time.

Life down here is pretty swell, the mission is as interesting as always and we just keep on rollin. My  new goal that i started this week is to start from 0, like it were my first weeks in the mission. I'm gong to re-read the BOM, Preach my Gospel, the white bible and the bible, all over again, and I'm gonna mark the snot out of it! I'm actually really excited because after reading it so many times you begin to feel like you know the majority of it, but giving yourself a fresh start helps refresh you knowledge and helps you receive additional personal revelation. 

All in all I'm doing well, I'm always super busy so its hard to think about anything else (but that's the idea!) I hope all is well wherever you are and that your all reading the BOM! it helps so much, all you have t do is open the book and your heart! Love you all! CHAO
-Elder Grover

quick pics, one from the last change, doing service at a fish farm and a #superdopeselfie with the president and sister Li in the mission house.

11/11/17 well its been a week of wonders for sure. To be honest, not a ton has happened other than the usual stuff we do in the offices and the work in the field. Ever day is a battle of time management haha, sometimes its really hard to get everything done right when it needs to be. I feel like its giving me a taste of the real world... a lot to do with too little time. ah well haha, its all good, still happy and workin hard!

Recently while trying to find time to get my personal studies in, I was meditating on the subject of conversion, and how its a loooooong process and not just something that you can rush and get it over with. While studying the topic I came across a talk by Dallin H Oaks that's called-The Challenge of Becoming. That talk has changed the way I've looked at the mission, life and has made me reflect on how converted I've really become. It was especially interesting to read the story of Peter, and how his process of conversion is a lot longer than one may think.

Peter was called to the ministry while fishing and from there he had a series of experiences that helped him experience a deep conversion, but every time that he thought he was truly converted he fell (denied Christ, cut off some guys ear), even going back to the same boats that he started with. Took him a bit to get it together, but when he did he was one of the most influential people of the time, and a truly faithful disciple. Like Peter, I have had similar experiences where I feel that way, feeling totally faithful and boom, something throws you through a loop and you're back at square one. Well, after completing my year I sure felt that way, like I had "made it" but really I lacked so much more. Now I realize that its not what we do, rather what we become, and that's the goal to be like Christ, like it explains in the end of Moroni 7:48. If we continue making an effort, we will eventually get there, with faith and patience, and above all, Charity. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! -Elder Grover

11/18/17 Well this week has been very productive in regards to working in our area. I'm really learning a lot in the area of Castañas, and I am always grateful for the opportunities that i have to help and serve others. We did a lot of exchanges this week and so I wasn't with my companion very much but I was able to work with a lot of other elders in the mission and see how they were, how they were working and how they can improve. More than anything I always love learning from the others, its very interesting looking at the diversity there is in all of Gods children, how every one has their own strengths and weaknesses. I know that I am no different in that aspect, and I need the help of my Savior just like everyone else... Just like how Moroni explains it in Ether 12:27.

My companion and I have really been pondering what we can do in order to help the mission in a productive way that still allows for the missionaries to use their agency. from what I've heard, the mission Peru Iquitos is a very strict mission, and there's a ton of rules that people get worked up over. Even though we have these rules to protect us from the harm of sin, sometimes it makes me wonder if it really helps in the conversion of the missionaries. I like to relate it to the law of mises, where the people were really stubborn and wicked, so they had a list of strict rules set to help them remember the Lord their God always, and even then the people fell in transgression and sin. when Christ came, he taught the higher law, the Gospel, based on repentance, made possible by the Atonement. And with the higher law set in place, it made room for the miracle of repentance, mercy and forgiveness. Makes me wonder which way works, because both were a part of Gods plan, and both have their purposes...Well, I only know that we live on this world thanks to Christ and what he did for us, And that we have a debt that we cannot and will not be able to pay. I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

enjoy the pic of jaguar skin! were gonna make ties :)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

"Let us always choose the harder right than the easier wrong"

9/25/17 Another week down and the grind continues, this week we had 2 baptisms for a father of a part member family and a young adult of 18 years. It was awesome to see their progression, but still it makes me nervous when the ward doesn't help too much with accepting them into the fold. I just hope that well get some more help from them so that our converts don't drop off the face of the planet like a lot of them do here (retention is a really big problem here).

Other than that the area is doing well, but we really need to find more people, we have a family that we are teaching and they're suuuuper excited to learn, especially because they have a lot of money problems and they want to change their lives. It was actually kinda funny teaching them about prophets because when they asked if god still talks to us now and we told them about modern-day-prophets they pretty much flipped out and wanted to get baptized then and there. Its really something when you find the people who have been prepared to receive us, and honestly its the best.

So yeah, there's not too much going on other than the work, and that's really how it should be, i guess i'll finish up by sharing my favorite scripture so far (I think I've already shared it but it was a while ago) its DC 64:33-34. Its helped me and keeps on helping me, seriously an awesome scripture. Read it, study it, love it! Have a great week! -Elder grover

10/2/17 Well that was tooo fast haha, its been so long yet so short. This week was interesting, we didn't get a whole lot done but we have another family on date! super excited for that, just need to money to get married haha. We really need to find more people who have real interest, its not that fun looking through a needlestack to find a piece of gold (hay doesn't relate the importance of a human soul haha). Its alright, just enjoying the journey and trying to work hard. As far as news goes, Elder Falabella is coming to Iquitos and will be in our leadership council this next week... so we gotta be prepared for some crazy burning haha. Other than that things are going well, just gotta keep on rolling on forward to do the work! Love you all! -Elder grover

10/9/17  Another week has flown by and I have no idea where it went... the thing is that it was really slow in the moment, but it doesn't matter now cause I'm already here at a really worn-out keyboard haha. But all is well and i am healthy and happy workin' up a storm out here in Iquitos! this week has been great in regards to the work, were finding new people to teach and we have another baptismal date for the end of this month. Zone leader responsibilities are what I'm focusing n now, trying to help the rest fo the zone get it together haha.

This past weekend we had conference and recently i saw one of the topics really come to light while i was working with my companion. Sometimes it gets difficult helping other really see why its important to do things with love and compassion, but when there's a complete rejection it gets even more difficult to help them. Sometimes it makes you want to explode on them and straighten them out completely right then and there, but it really doesn't work that way. I remembered a talk that was about hard things, and while pondering the topic it hit me, hard things are good when we react well. It wasn't easy but I was able (mas o menos) to continue showing love to the Elders. And with that ill end with the quote from Presidente Monson, "let us always choose the harder right than the easier wrong". AMEN, have a great week! -Elder Grover

10/14/17 The first thing that your gonna say is, "why the heck did he write us on a Saturday?" Well thats a very good question haha, and the answer is the big news that i mentioned last week! From now on my Pday is on Saturday because i am the new Assistant to the President of the Peru Iquitos Mission! So yeah, big change... To be quite honest i was shocked when President told me that i would be going to work as an assistant, and im still a little dumbfounded... NEVERTHELESS, i am overwhelmingly honored to be here working alongside President. I now have access to just about the best of everything and i get to sleep in AIR CONDITIONING. But still no hot showers... its aight, in this area i will be working normally when time permits it, i will have a lot to do with this assignment and the responsibilities that come with it. I only had one transfer in the Secada Zone as a Zone leader, and that was a blast, kinda feel bad for leaving behind Elder Gemin, but i know that if the Lord wants me to be here, then here i will stay. My new companion is Elder Culquicondor (i know the name is interesting haha) which is pronounced koolkeycondour. ill send a pic of him after this letter. so yeah, theres the big news, theres not much else haha. From now on well be in touch on Saturdays and next week ill give you all the scoop on whats goin down. I LOVE YOU. -Elder Grover

pics of a mission-wide service we did (beach clean up) and this is my zone! also i burned a shirt haha. 

My new companion!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Will do His Will and Comply with my Purpose and Calling

Well another week has gone by and not much has changed. We've been workin' hard and there's a lot goin on in the area but our investigatores are being kinda tough so well have to really crack down o the doctrine if they are to progress. Man this stuff is stressful but in the end oh my gosh is it worth it. I don't have much to say but i do have an experience to share with you.

This past week we visited this part member family where the only member in the family is a 16 year old girl named Laly. She was baptized about 2 years ago and she is very very strong... We visited them to help her parents understand what the gospel is and how it helps us find happiness. So after sharing something with them, Laly asked for a blessing because she has a problem with one of her eyes. We complied and in the blessing I felt prompted to talk about her personal strength and testimony of the savior and his atonement. It was a very powerful experience and after, She bore testimony of the truth to her parents. I thought their hearts would just break in half, the spirit was so strong and it was a testimony builder for me. I don't know if her parents will ever soften their hearts because even after that they showed resistance but I know that at least that girl is destined for something great. 

That's all for this week, hope you have a great week and enjoy this pic of the best 12 bucks I've ever spent! (its a hammock!)

Hola! This week wasn't that different from the rest, but I feel like it was a bit harder than normal. We really have trouble with getting people to church, and it almost literally hurts to wait and wait for nobody to show up. ahhh oh well, This week I definitely learned a lot, especially about having a good attitude about the things that don't go well. I guess you could say its a principle of faith and hope. we had a lesson in the church by our branch mission leader about how we need to give more. As i thought about what he was saying, I realized that, although I had felt like I had worked hard this week, i needed to give more. much more. Its a simple concept that sometimes we forget as we make excuses to not do everything in order to achieve a specific gal, in my case it would be getting investigators to church. We always can give more, and when we cant is when the Savior will bring us the rest of the way. Its how grace works- 2 Nephi 25:23 . I really need to put this in practice if i am to do the will of the lord. Although its hard, its worth it. Have a great week! -Elder Grover

p.s. sorry for no pictures, there's not too much interesting goin on... yet!

Well, it happened. My comp "died" haha. He went home on thursday of this last week ad boy was it an interesting time with him. The last few days with him he would not stop talking abut home hahaha. Kinda drove me nuts but ya know what can I do. Anyways, I was alone for a couple of days (not really, I was with the other Elders here in Yurimaguas). It was kinda tough being without a companion, and that was mainly why this week has gone by so slowly... Well that's alright here we are starting up the new transfer, so that's exciting. Its very likely that ill stay, so there shouldn't be that much surprise this week, but my new companion should be interesting. I excited to meet him and get to work! 

Really there's not much to say, I've been busy as usual. To be honest I'm not very satisfied with how this transfer with. I'm not blaming anyone other that myself, it really just haven't been satisfied with what I've done here. So if there's anything that we can take from that is that the principle of diligence is something that is very important in order to be successful, satisfied and happy. Maybe i haven't been doing more to help these people and that's simply my fault because I'm not perfect. but that simply means that I need to step it up. the funny thing is that the only way to be truly, fully happy is by giving it your all. I've heard this not only from the scriptures but from members, maybe they don't have all the money ion the world but they're always happy because they always give it their all. 

Its been a crazy time here, but i need to make more of it. Have a great week! -Elder Grover


Hi, I know I said that nothing new would happen other than a new companion, and I really thought that nothing was going to happen, but life is full of surprises. IM IN IQUITOS, I have a new companion, zone, area, and assignment! My zone is called Secada, its the area farthest from the center of Iquitos and boy is it hot... My companion is Elder Gemín, he's from puira and he's short haha, David and Goliath part 2. And the new assignment, well I'm the new Zone leader of the Secada Zone! That was the biggest surprise for me because I still feel like I needed to improve as a district leader... So to be completely honest, I don't know exactly why I'm in this position, but what I do know is that if the Lord wants me here, all I can do is serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength and if I have my eye single to the glory of God, I will do his will and comply with my purpose and calling. The area is small, as are all the area in Iquitos but that doesn't really matter, because we have a new ward that is awesome and a lot of awesome people that we are teaching. I'm simply just excited to be in a new area with a new companion that wants to work.
I'm suuuuuper excited for this area and I know that if I continue serving I will be able to bless others and myself. All I have to do is stay focused on my purpose and it'll all be alright! HAVE A GREAT WEEK, and sorry for no pics the computer is awful. -Elder Grover

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

7/17/17  Well another week has disappeared and I don't know where time goes... anyways this week has been awesome and I am simply loving life down here. Transfers are coming up and its possible that one of us will go, so I'm either going to another area or ill get a new comp... either way there'll be a change! This week went well, still working with that family and finding new people consistently, just need to turn the numbers into baptisms! Its a process but i know we can do it. There's not much new news this week so ill finish up with a scripture: Mateo 16:24-25. Its awesome and it really applies to those in the mission haha. So that's what I've been focusing o lately, and I hope that some of you will be able to apply it!  Love you all! have a great week -Elder Grover

p.s. our baptism this week and his family (members), and a peruvian version of an enchilada haha

7/24/17  Hello good ol USA, hope everyone had a great week, my week was mas o menos but I am sure to improve this coming week! So today are transfers and I don't think ill be going anywhere, but you really never know. My comp is pretty much ready to go haha he really wants to see another part of the mission. This week we baptized Jherson Vilca, and he's the best, right now were working with the rest of his family and we should be seeing fruits from them next month! Other than that we have a few people who are also very interested and were loving our time here. 

I'm not going to write a ton but I would like to share an experience... We have an investigadore named John, and he's been to several churches before but never found interest in any of them. A member of the branch one day invited him to the Church one day and he thought yeah why not. He went and met us and after the first 2 lessons he was praying to know if the church was true. Yesterday he related his experience to us and the most unexplainable joy came over me when he began to try to describe what the holy ghost feels like. The scripture DC 18:15-18 came to mind, and it explains it perfectly. I have never been a parent, but I think I can guess as to how it feels to watch your child take its first steps, or say his first words. John was prepared for us and we simply have the blessing of watching him begin his journey on the straight and narrow path.

This time that I have here is precious, and I need to make the most of it. I know that its only a short period of time, but its the best time there is. I hope you all have a great week, and ill see you all next week. -Elder Grover

7/31/17 Well a lot's happened and I wasn't expecting any of it, things that haven't changed: still district leader, and other than that nothing is the same haha. Right now I'm currently in YURIMAGUAS, a city out in the middle of the jungle and there's only 4 missionaries here. Its pretty much isolated from everything and as district leader I have to maintain everything. Its pretty much a mini-zone, and I'm seriously stoked to be here. its hot, but not too hot, and its very different from Moyo. the people here will actually talk to you! its a miracle seriously haha, in moyo the people were kinda hard, but here its nice and easy, there's really no worries about talking to someone, cause they almost always listen.

I've been here for about 4 days so I'm still semi-lost, but it'll come with time. Other than that I'm doing well and my health is back to normal. My companion is 'named Elder Belone, and oh boy is this one interesting haha. He's actually from an Indian reservation in Arizona! He's from the navajo tribe and he can speak officially 4 languages (navajo, apache, english and now spanish.) hes also known in the mission as the "lamanite". On top of that he's a little special, I think he has a very mild form of autism or something but to put it short he is the best haha. I'm blessed to be able to work with him, especially as he is going to be finishing his mission at the end of this month. Seriously blessed, I don't have a picture of him yet, but ill send one next week. 

The area is huge... and there are a lot of people to talk to haha, the great thing is that the members are awesome, and we receive  a lot of references... so its more looking for people in the mess of the city rather than knocking doors. there's that and I'm back in the mess of the jungle life, where people love to be naked and families don't really exist, just a whole lot of people who live together and reproduce like rabbits haha. Its a bit chaotic, but such is the mission, ADELANTE. Hope you all have a great week, and ill let you all know what's up next week, Chao! -Elder Grover

SURPRISE! Contact from someone else in Peru... a couple from Texas mentoring teachers in his area.. via text: "We meet your sweet son and his companion at church Sunday. you've done a good job raising a fine young man. He seems t do very well. I will call you when I get back to Texas" and a pic! 

8/7/17 whelp another week down and I'm still alive so I cannot complain! Seriously its been a week and I've had a ton a fun here already. Yurimaguas is a really cool place, and I've already seen a ton of blessing during my time here. Firstly, Elder Belone is still awesome and very interesting, he will be finishing his mission in about a month so... so sometimes his desire to work is kinda low but when he works he works haha. We had a baptism this past weekend (pics of that and their wedding!) so that's awesome, and there's more on the way! I still feel kinda crummy cause these people were all prepared by someone else... but still i get to see the miracle of baptism so I cant complain!

I really don't have much to write, since I really am actually pressed for time this week, but before i go i wanna say something about faith. Oh my goodness have I learned a lot about that this week. everyone can say the standard definition, but applying it is really hard haha. Right now this is my focus, to be able to have acts of faith, not just "work". I hope that in our lives we can all learn what are acts of faith and how we can be more humble and willing to do the lords will. It really does change ones perspective of things... I love you all and i hope you have a great week!!!

8/14/17 Another week gone and all i can think of is weeeerk. I really dont have much time, i just hope that you all understand that the work that one does here is real. recently i was reading through my journal entries abut what happened in the beggining of my mission and wow was i different. i dont feel like it now but from what i read i fel like alots changed. And i have no doubt in my mind that its because of what the Lord has done for me. when i first got here, i did not understand what it meamt tp give yourself to him, but it makes a lot more sense now. He can make more of you than you ever could. If anyone is thinking about a major life decision, or maybe thinking abut the mission, always always always do what he wants for you, and you will come out stronger. He loves us so much, thats why its hard sometimes. Its becasue he wants us to rely on him, and if we do we will become even more. Its the truth, ive seen it happen and im experiencing it. I know he loves us and that if we do his will, we will become more than we ever thought we could be. LOVE YOU ALL have a great week! -Elder Grover

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Right Place at the Right Time

5/29 Well its been a long week but oh has it been worth it, for starters last monday we climbed the morro calzada, which is a big hill that is just outside of moyo and it was awesome... kinda sucked because it was raining during the climb so we got soaked but it was super amazing to see what there was to see (not much with rain but in the end it cleared up). So pday was awesome, and during the week we were able to find some new people who look like they'll be awesome, but they need to change... alot. haha so they'll be projects but in all honesty those people are the most satisfying to teach...

SO the big news, THE FAMILY WE'VE BEEN WORKING WITH FINALLY GOT IN THE WATER. Oh my gosh its been a long hard interesting journey with them but they're finally officially members of the church. Their names are Richard, Noemi and Alexander (dad, mom, kid) and they are seriously the best. After over a year of being investigators they're finally married, and living the way they should!!! super excited and happy for them, and sincerely grateful for the opportunity that I've had to get to know them. They'll be super powerful members in the future. 

So yeah, other than that there's not much else going on, always busy and always working... but that's what its all about right? I'm just grateful that i haven't had any health issues #blessed. For scriptures this week id definitely give D&C 4 a read, i always knew that it was awesome missionary scripture but this week I've really been trying to apply it! Even though you're not in the field you can still apply it too! LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK -Elder Grover

6/5/17 What a week, ill make this short because i don't have much time. In general this week felt normal, but really we've been seeing miracles all week long, big and small. Having baptized the Caballero family last week, it kinda felt like we were starting off on square one, but that same weekend we found another family of 7 people who ALL have interest in the church. None of them are married so that is kind of a stumbling block, but i know that they will all progress and enter the waters of baptism. what a blessing. Other than that we've been focusing on finding complete families in order to have investigators who progress TOGETHER. And we have been super blessed in that aspect. There are families that pop up out of nowhere and it seems like were just in the right place at the right time... (we really are haha). Man I'm telling ya the lord will work through you if you have faith. Be obedient and have an attitude of gratitude and prayer. LOVE YOU ALL, Have a great week -Elder Grover

6/12/17 Another week gone and transfers are here! we will know by tonight if we get transferred so were kinda anxious but still working hard! Seriously transfers make everything crazy and it makes me anxious, however my feelings are pretty much neutral in regards to the transfers, and if i go i go, but if i stay está bien too. My only hope is that this transfer we will see more success in the area where i will be working. We are finding people here and that's awesome but they're all projects, every one of them has crazy problems and little desire or motivation to change, and really its just a result of iniquity. I never really realized how many problems are caused from disobedience to basic commandments, and now i am watching it happen and trying to help people find the outstretched hand of Christ. One of my favorite things to say nowadays is "pueblo iniquo" or in other words, people of iniquity, mainly because the reason for which people don't want to follow Christ is their own sins. Some will say they already know Christ but really its just an excuse to not change. Really my heart has been aching for the people here because i know that they can find indescribable joy in the gospel, but simply don't want to repent. A scripture that i found describes my feelings pretty accurately, Alma 13:27-20. I Invite you all to read it and meditate on the words Alma speaks. And if anyone reading this has something to repent of, do not "procrastinate the day of your repentance", i Testify that repentance is the key to joy and salvation, and only through the blood of Christ can we be saved. Have a great week. -Elder Grover

6/19/17 So no I'm not in Iquitos, I'm not in Pucallpa, nor in another part of the mission, I'm still in nice and breezy Moyobamba! But honestly I'm perfectly fine with that and I'm actually excited to keep working here, sometimes the people are hard but really this area is the best haha. A lot of the people really do need our help, and i know that i can help them (if they let me...). So yeah there's not any changes respecting the are in which i work, but there is a change in the leadership of the zone... our district leader was transferred out of the zone to Iquitos, and so someone had to replace him... and i don't know whose bright idea it was to make a tall awkward gringo district leader but hey if they say it was revelation its fine by me. So yeah I'm the new district leader here in Moyobamba! kinda exciting huh, i was pretty shocked. So other than the normal responsibilities i have as a missionary i now have to take care of my fellow Elderes that are working here, kinda fun and definitely a cool change. 

The area is progressing and for that i am really happy haha. we are seeing more families pop up and i cant wait ot see their progression. I can only hope and pray that they will progress and have the strength necessary to change (commandments man, COMMANDMENTS). but i have faith that they will be able to pull through and follow Christ. other than that its just the usual, not much crazy happens over here other than the harvest of souls.

This week i studied Enos 1, and boy is there a lot to learn there. before reading i didn't know what Fervent prayer really meant. But after trying to apply the scripture there was a huge difference. If we pray fervently and sincerely, He will always respond... ALWAYS. I definitely recommend that scripture for a bit of study. LOVE YOU ALL and have a fantastic week. -Elder Grover (Below is Jordan's sketch showing the "armor of God")