Monday, May 22, 2017

Progress in Paradise!

Well to put this week in one word, it'd have to be: Searching. Now one can apply this in several ways so ill go ahead and explain. really we spent most of our time searching for new people haha because like i explained before, we have no one really who is progressing. So that meant a lot of contacting, but really we focused more on the members, because there isn't a better way to find people than through the members! So that's a whole process that should produce good fruits but there's another way we've been searching that i havent explained. Really ive been searching for my talents, and not the talents that are obvious like "being tall". the ones that you need to find and develop... we had a lesson in sunday school about talents, and it made me think, What are mine? So ive decided that i need to find and give it my all to develop my talents in order to move the work forward! May sound kinda corny but i don't care, to me it sounds fun and like a challenge! so onward with that!

Ill go ahead and share an awesome scripture with you guys now because I have nothing else to say! (way to go gringo) MORMON 9:27-28. If we ask, he will comply, but make sure it is for a righteous cause! love you all, have a great week! -Elder Grover


(Jordan's picture is what he took during Skype... of us!)

Yes we finally are seeing some progress here in paradise! Firstly the family that we've been working with forever got married and now they have a green light for baptism, hopefully that happens this coming weekend. So there's that and we are starting to see people come out of the woodwork as we continue working with the members and contacting through our own efforts. We have several people who are very likely potential baptisms, and i cant wait to see them all progress. 

Today for p-day we have something special planned, were gonna climb the MORRO CALZADO, in other words the freaking huge hill that's just outside of moyo. they say that the climb sucks but the view is beyond amazing, so i should have some pretty rad pictures by the end of today. Super stoked!!! 

My comp and i have had some interesting talks lately, and I'm starting to see just how weird he really is... I'm not saying that I'm perfect, nor that I'm not a little bit weird, but my comp confuses me sometime. Last night he lost his sweat rag that he uses to wipe his face every 5 seconds (he sweats a lot) and at first i thought he lost the one thing in the world he truly loved. Heck i thought there'd be a funeral or something for his 100% cotton 6 inch by 6 inch sweat soaked cloth haha. i have no idea but to each his own right?

This week i found a super awesome scripture in DC 64: 33 and 34. i heard that right when i needed to, from small things come the big things. LOVE YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK -Elder Grover

(Family with couple getting married and ready for baptism this weekend!)

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