Monday, April 3, 2017

Holy Mother of Pearl It's Not Hot (Who's Pearl?)

3/20/17 So unfortunately not much new happened this week, yes we had another baptism and that was super awesome to see another person take the first step on the road to happiness. The investigators name is Kaily, and she was actually an older investigator from other elders, the which didn't do a very good job at leaving her easy to find haha. But we got-er-done and shes super excited to continue progressing! As far as other news goes we have another family preparing for baptism and are looking for another... only problem is there are transfers right around the corner (tonight) and its almost certain that either me or my comp will leave... we shall see. 

I guess the lack of news means i get to share sumtin special... here we go! This past week i learned a lot about weaknesses. Of course we can read about them in the Book of Mormon and other places but really we don't understand what is being said until we live it ourselves. Before coming out here i definitely didn't think i was perfect... but i didn't think i had nearly as many weaknesses as i actually do haha. When my patience started being tested is when i realized i REALLY lack patience, and when it comes to being obedient, i lack that too! But like Ether explains to us we are GIVEN weaknesses to be MADE humble... doesn't sound very fair until we continue reading. If we SHOW Christ our weaknesses and further humble ourselves, he will MAKE our weaknesses strengths. Notice that humility comes up twice, and also alot of the work is done by him. Humility is the key to allow him to change us, if we really are susceptible to his will, we will become more like him. It wont happen overnight but oh will we change. i Invite anyone who hasn't fallen asleep yet to think about your own weaknesses, and think about how you can make them strengths IN HIM, not by your own strength. Might be worth a shot :) that's all for now, love ya, have a great week. 

-Elder Grover

the pics this week are of 
1. wood carvings given to us by our convert carlos!!!
2.Elder Garcia, finished his mission and returned with honor to Mexico

Inline imageInline image

TRANSFERS ARE BEAUTIFUL THIS TIME OF YEAR. So yes, you will no longer find tall awkward skinny Elder Grover in dusty, rainy, sunny, muddy pucallpa. IM IN MOYOBAMBA BABY. Elder Llamoca stayed behind to train another greenie, and im here opening an area again hahaha. My new comps name is ELDER COYA, He is also from Arequipa (same as llamoca), loves animals (same as llamoca) and loves playing video games (also same as llamoca). on the flip side, HE IS SUPER CLEAN. I arrived to the house first and found an absolute dump haha so i did a little organizing, dusted a bit and put my clothes away. He gets to the house and has a mini heart attack because "everything is covered in dust". If he were in Pucallpa i think he might actually have a heart attack. Elder Coya came from another mission in mexico, he had to have a change because it was literally too hot for him. Now he is here with me and he has a total of 4 months in the mission, he also has forgotten alot of what he learned in the Mexico MTC and now hes with me... I have 2 months more than him... NADA MAS. At first i didn't know what to think... but i guess all i can do now is keep on trekking. 

Moyobamba is found in the mountains kinda in the north-central area of peru. It is GORGEOUS, and sorry for the lack of pictures of anything actually amazing because that will come later. The 2 best parts of the city is 1, it is probably the closest i will ever come to finding anything that looks like the US, and 2. 
 ITS NOT HOT. OH SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL IT IS NICE AND COOL. There are mountains, a river, apparently cool hiking and most of all: 7TH DAY ADVENTISTS. Everyone loves Moyo but no one wants to be here for long, because the adventists and jehovas witnesses love to bash with us, and the people here in general are very stubborn. so far i haven't had trouble with any of it but I'm sure i will in the future. 

I have one cool experience to share, we received word from a member that a mechanic was interested in "learning more about the church". We thought, "AWESOME, we gotta find this guy!!" so we went and we did. the guy came out of his dumpy shack next to his garage to talk, and starts going off about some crap about having been with 9 women and how he has more life experience than anyone in the world haha. He then claimed that life experience is what is necessary to preach the gospel, that we are awful people because we try to preach without life experience, and that god loves him and hes going to be saved. This poor old guy doesn't even get the half of it hahaha. so during all of this i asked him if he keeps the commandments... "only on Sundays"... hmmm interesting let me share a scripture with ya- JOHN 14:15 baby. invited him to repent, wished him a good day, and we left... kinda feel bad for that one but when the people refuse to understand you gotta be straight up with them. 

Anyways that's all for this week. Scriptures id like to share? 2 Nephi 32. loved reading that short but sweet scripture recently. hope you have a great week, and ill see y'all next time. -Elder Grover (below is a pic of the new area)

Inline image

4/3/17 So this week has been interesting  Unfortunately we didn't get much done, and no im not making general conference an excuse but we pretty much have had a 3 day p-day... so there was that and also we had the zone conference with the mission president on Wednesday. So yeah lots of time sitting and listening to people, but for the most part it was uplifting and really helped because at the time i needed it... especially general conference. For those of you who don't know what opening an area is its basically when an area goes dry, so the president takes out both missionaries who were working there and puts in 2 new ones to "start over". So that's where my comp and i come in... and let me tell ya, knocking doors for a couple hours a day is not fun at all...and to top it off the other elders left us next to nothing in transportation funds, so we couldn't take a mototaxi anywhere... that translates to walking haha. other than the walking i can now sympathize with elders from the states...

Anyways we really are doing well, Elder Coya doesn't have much experience but that's alright, were learning together. The area is progressing and this week we plan on giving it all we got to find people and get them on the track to happiness. 

the conference i loved, and for the first time in my life i watched every session. Elder Rasband, Holland, and President Monson all gave amazing talks and i felt a deep understanding of the doctrine through there words. Oh how i love personal revelation. If any of you haven't watched or heard their talks i EXHORT you to do so :) 

All is well here in the cool hills of moyo and next week you will probably hear something more exciting. Love you all and I hope you have a great week. -Elder Grover

p.s. sorry for the lack of pictures, forgot to bring my camera to internet :P

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