Monday, March 13, 2017

Favorite Day in the Mission by Far!!

Yelo, So yeah loved this week, a little frustration but for the vast majority this week was fantastic. First off because of the baptism we had! it was incredible and i loved it so much. the spirit was incredibly strong, and the fact that we worked and taught him from the beginning made it even more rewarding. And then to top it off HE BROUGHT A BUFFET. My favorite day in the mission by far... Other than that we have 2 other progressing families and another baptism planned for this Saturday. Loving it!

Additionally the stake here put together an activity in order to find more investigators through members. They put together a stake-wide talent show! It was super awesome, with popcorn and a lot of funny fairly well done acts. An elder here is very good a beat-boxing too so he performed and wowed everyone. There was a ton of stuff and all of it was super awesome, but the sad truth, we found almost no investigators out of it... so yeah, cool activity with few results.

As far as I'm concerend i'm doing well, Spanish is coming along nicely, and I've been able to communicate just about everything I need to since the beginning of February. I just need to be more savvy when it comes to conversational Spanish, as sometimes i really feel like a robot missionary... Trying really hard to break that mold haha. 

I dont have too much spiritually this week to share, other than the baptism. It was amazing explaining what the holy ghost was and how the feeling our investigator felt was really the HG testifying to him that god loved him. And then we had the opportunity to explain family history and he was overjoyed to hear he could be baptized for his grandparents. He REALLY wants to go to the temple haha. Scriptures for this week... I'd recommend giving 3 Ne 11 a read. Its awesome reading about the Savior's teachings... That's all fo this week, hope you all have a great week and ill catch the people who actually read these grammatical disasters next week  (I fixed some of them, don't worry buddy! Love, Mom) haha. -Elder Grover

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