Wednesday, November 9, 2016

One More Week Until the Real Mission Begins!

Two Weeks, Two Letters!

Week 4 came and went, and i regret to inform everyone that this week was pretty much the same as last week. rice, chicken, class, fake investigators, and a bunch of fresh missionaries who act like they're still in high school. Lately I've just been trying to focus on becoming more focused and diligent, as well as learning Spanish. In honesty i probably haven't been studying as much as a should be, but I am progressing and i hope to be somewhat a useful companion when I get out into the field. As far as morale goes, its definitely a roller coaster, where we have experiences that lift us up and then we will have lessons that are like a slap to the face. its definitely humbling to know that we are on the Lord's time and we really can't get very far without him. I have really come to rely on Him so much and I can't wait to see what he makes of me when this is all said and done with. I love this work and everyone involved so much, especially the president of the mtc, the man is walking wisdom (cant even imagine what an apostle is like). i hope everyone reading this has an excellent week and i cant wait to see what this next week brings. ¡chao! -Elder Grover

Would it be disappointing if i said this week was pretty much the same as last week? Well luckily this is the last week in the CCM, so starting next wednesday the updates should get a little more exciting. As far as events go nothing spectacular has happened. classes are progressing at their usual pace and i still feel the need to get out. however there have been times where i appreciate the comforts of the CCM, especially that i have about 80 missionaries from the states here with me which makes things easier as we deal with the changes together. the field should be a new and exciting challenge and i look forward to what the hot jungles of iquitos brings. My spanish is progressing slowly but surely and I can't wait for the super embarassing moments in the future where a lesson takes a completely wrong turn because of something i will say. The spirit is still as strong as ever and I have to say if i learned anything this week, its that perfect obedience is so important. but to elaborate i need to explain my companion (which i should have done earlier but they never give me enough time). Elder Cook is from Utah, and basically is the epitomy of apostle in the making. his Spanish is better than mine and he started with basically nothing, and he makes little to no mistakes with the rules or with his study. Sounds great right? Not when that's what you have to be companions with as you watch him surpass you in everything you were doing well at. the frustration is real, but he is a great example of what perfect obedience can do. so this past week ive had two goals, stop comparing myself, and be perfectly obedient. so far Ive had such a wide variety of good and bad experiences, i don't know what to think other than that its been a crazy roller-coaster. As far as my success goes with the goals, well ill leave it at I'm working on it. Ill have to end it here, but know that this work is amazing and that the Lord loves you all so much. also remember if you don't abandon Him, He wont abandon you. ¡Chao!

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