Monday, January 23, 2017

Don't Monkey Around!


Finally we are having what I've been waiting for! SUCCESS! Oh my goodness ive waited so long to say that... but yeah, finally we are seeing progress with our investigators. The key? pretty much just doing a ton of contacting... until now my comp has been set on working through members and referrals, my being the minor of both of us my words didn't really affect him at all, so we basically just wasted time with less actives for a while (oh boy did that kill me). After a couple training sessions during the zone conference, something clicked and were finally working efficiently! We now have 6 new families to teach and the owner of the house we live in wants to be baptized! So awesome, but this success in truth really wasn't us at all, we got a lot of help from the Lord, and because of that we are seeing success. Honestly this work isn't possible without his help, Without him I'm just a dumb tall white freak walking around the jungle of Peru... If you want some good scriptures to read, i highly recommend the stories of Alma and Amulek, they are such powerful testifiers of Jesus Christ. Specifically Alma 26, 32, and 34. Thanks to Everyone for all the love and support and i hope you all have a wonderful week! -Elder Grover

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