Monday, January 23, 2017

My Nutella is Almost Gone!


Another week, another email, more stories. This week had its ups and downs but id say it was in general an improvement... for one my health is pretty much back to normal and im loving it, no more urgent bathroom visits, crippling stomach aches, or other fun jungle stuff :) in general our work is looking better, and i am really coming to realize that i have no influence on the people here. The spirit is the only way the work progresses and as a result of this we have 3 more families to teach, a new ward mission leader and we officially rescued someone. The best part is that it should only get better! In one of our visits we found an old lady who is less active, she has no power, no water, no FOOD and her house is falling apart, so we ended up buying her food and cooking it for her, and yes i know we shouldnt openly give like that but it really was kinda an immediate thing. The language is coming along well and i can understand pretty much most things that are being said. Im coming to realize confidence is huge in all this and for anyone who knows me well knows i lack confidence. well Elder its time to learn haha. All together it was a good week, however my snacks have almost officially run out, and to be honest im feeling alittle bit frantic... I NEED MORE NUTELLA! scriptures this week, mosiah 12-17. the words of abinadi were sharp but powerful! Love you all so much, have a great week!

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