Monday, January 9, 2017

Burning Puppets and a Baptism!

1/2/17: Oh boy... this has been a very long week... first, let me say that yes I am working again and very happy about it. Second, no i did not write a daily recap in my journal so you'll have to deal with the big ugly paragraph. And lastly! the work is still slow... GAHHH. i guess i have a kinda good excuse but I really don't care. i just want to start changing lives. Kinda disappointing when you get called to one of the world's highest baptizing mission and you have 1 in almost 2 months. but you know what? That's just motivation baby... this next week is gonna be crazy! The next email wont be so dismal and boring I promise, so get ready to hear about some insane numbers! Btw new years was cool, didn't sleep much because of all the fireworks but it was still cool. new years here is pretty much as big as the fourth of July, so the people go kinda crazy. a strange tradition they have here is burning big puppets made of old shirts and cloth. don't ask why, I couldn't tell ya. Also sorry about the length of this one... honestly there wasnt much to write about. at least you get pictures!

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