Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmastime Hospital Adventures

Dec. 19
Dec. 26

So i really don't know how to start this... but this week was awful. Dengue is the absolute worst, for those of you who don't know, my sickness escalated to Dengue Fever, which is almost the same thing as death haha. Monday i flew out to Iquitos to take care of migrations paperwork, and while i was there i got a nice fever, not fun... and i had that fever until this past Friday. when i got back to Pucallpa Tuesday i collapsed and was hospitalized, and until literally an hour and a half ago, I was in a hospital bed with an iv stuck in my arm. fun! Although I cant be complaining because we actually had a baptism this Saturday! I couldn't go to it but I heard it was awesome. More baptisms should be following! In case anyone is wondering what Christmas is like in a Peruvian hospital, its pretty much the same as every other day... so other than calling home, Christmas was pretty bland haha. as of right now i want to work more than i ever have in my life. Being sick here is the worst and I felt like a burden all week. These next couple of days will be focused on recovering my energy and the work! Cant wait to get back in the game. Also, i am so grateful for all who prayed for me, I have no doubt that your prayers helped. I love all of you and I cant wait to report bigger and better things next week. 

¡Chao! -Elder Grover
So fun to huddle around the Ipad. The Skype connection failed several times but we did get to talk for a while and the video worked for a few precious minutes! I wondered why he would opt for a white shirt in the hospital and he said the hospital "gowns" were like a mini-skirt on him! And he is anxious to get back to work and be productive. He's lost 25 lbs.- Ten from eating less and walking a ton, and the other from being sick. 

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